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Wallpaper samples 10cmx10cm (approx)


Image of Wallpaper samples 10cmx10cm (approx)
  • Image of Wallpaper samples 10cmx10cm (approx)
  • Image of Wallpaper samples 10cmx10cm (approx)
  • Image of Wallpaper samples 10cmx10cm (approx)
  • Image of Wallpaper samples 10cmx10cm (approx)


1/ Christmas orders have now closed (closure date was 16th November 2018). If you ordered on or before, 16th November 2018, you will receive your order in time for Christmas.

2/ All orders received between 16th November 2018 1700 and 23rd November 2018 2359, will be delivered late December 2018/ early January 2019.

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Purchase one sample for $2.50.

Try before you buy: make sure the colours are right, check out the texture and see how easily our wallpaper is applied and removed from your wall.

Each sample measures approximately 10cm x 10cm.

The samples are not to scale, they are scaled smaller than the image would appear on a life sized wall, in order to give you a sense of the design.

If you would like to order an A3 sample, where part of the image is as it is depicted on a life size wall, please email us to arrange purchase. A3 samples cost $15.50.

PLEASE NOTE: as we are a small family run company, sample orders may take around 2 weeks to be shipped. Thank you for your support and patience.

Important notes:
***This product is not recommended for application over paints containing Teflon or "wash and wear” paints, always check with the paint manufacturer before purchasing this product.
***Do not apply this product to freshly painted walls. Allow approximately 4 weeks for the paint to completely cure.
***This product is not recommended for application on textured walls.
***The better the walls have been prepared and painted, the less likely any damage will occur when you remove your wallpaper.