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Peony garden wall decal set - HALF set


Image of Peony garden wall decal set - HALF set
  • Image of Peony garden wall decal set - HALF set
  • Image of Peony garden wall decal set - HALF set
  • Image of Peony garden wall decal set - HALF set
  • Image of Peony garden wall decal set - HALF set


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Our peony garden wallpaper is your absolute fav in our collection. You asked for decals, we listened... introducing our peony garden decal set. Our decals are REMOVABLE and REUSABLE.

Peony garden is a collection of pencil drawn peonies, wild flowers, leaves, branches, eucalyptus and buds.

The set includes:
x2 pale pink peonies in full bloom with 6 green leaves attached (forward facing). Size 51.7cm height x 42.7cm width.
x1 pale pink peony in full bloom (no leaves attached, side view). Size 40.1cm height x 45.8cm width.
x1 pale pink peony with small stalk (side view, not full bloom). Size: 41.2cm height x 35.6cm width.
x1 flower bud. Size: 48.3cm height x 13.9cm width.
x2 wildflowers (x1 violet, x1 grey). Violet Size: 49.5cm height x 17.3cm width; Grey Size: 39cm height x 25.5cm width.
x1 set of 3 green leaves. Size: 26.7 height x 25cm width.
x1 set of 7 green leaves. Size 31cm height x 20cm width.

Our decals are printed on a re-positional adhesive fabric that can be easily applied almost anywhere, then removed and reused as desired. The product is peel and stick, polyester fabric, adhesive material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface and then removed and reused many times over.

Application is simple. Our decals are easily applied by a novice installer and don't leave any adhesive residue when removed (so they are perfect for renters).

The adhesive will not shrink, curl or rip and easily pulls apart if stuck together during installation. It can be illuminated with a backlight, be wrapped around wall corners, ceilings and poles, re-positioned and re-used over and over again - the adhesive never weakens and comes away clean, leaving no residue.

The adhesive fabric is 99% blockout and is therefore suitable for dark coloured or bright walls or to cover marks.

This product is made to order, so please allow 4 weeks to receive your item. Please contact us if you require your decals in a shorter time frame, we may be able to accommodate your request.

PLEASE provide your telephone number in the notes section on check out for shipping notifications.

***This product is not recommended for application over paints containing teflon.
***Do not apply this product to freshly painted walls. Allow approximately 4 weeks for the paint to completely cure.
***Do not apply this product to textured walls.