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Belle Swan Bleu by Summer Daniels


Image of Belle Swan Bleu by Summer Daniels
  • Image of Belle Swan Bleu by Summer Daniels
  • Image of Belle Swan Bleu by Summer Daniels


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The first illustrated wallpaper in our Little Rae Prints X Minnie & Me Interiors collection - painted by Little Rae Prints Artist Summer Daniels in her signature whimsical style.......Belle Swan Bleu is an intrinsically magical painting - both adventurous and calming. It is an endearingly beautiful representation of the balance between our two worlds in childhood (reality & dreams).

Our premium wallpaper is made from high quality matte white polyester fabric wall film with removable pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It is great for application on smooth, clean, well prepared, painted interior walls. This includes most flat, semi-gloss and gloss paint finishes. It has up to 6-months guaranteed interior removability from most wall surfaces. It is removable but not reusable. No glues required, no tradesmen required; this is a self-adhesive DIY product. You will need two people to hang our wallpaper. Just peel and stick! So easy!

Our wallpaper is custom made/ made to order. Please provide us with your wall measurements (height x width) and we will prepare your wallpaper to size, making installation easy. Your wallpaper will be delivered in drops or panels; the maximum width of 1 drop is 128cm. The cost per 1 drop starts at $240. Commonly, our customers require 3 drops, with a total cost of $720. We will endeavour to provide you with equal drops. We prefer larger drops to avoid multiple joins, unlike wallpaper rolls which are often a much smaller width. We routinely provide a 1cm overlap on each panel as well as a 5cm overhang on the base and end panel to allow for any inaccuracies and to ensure a perfect seamless finish, which can be trimmed with a sharp Stanley knife. Our wallpaper can be applied around windows and other obstacles e.g. a bulk head using relief cuts.

Installation and removal instructions are included with this product and provided upon purchase.

The wallpaper is priced according to your wall size and how many panels you require:

1/ 0-128cm (width) x up to 300cm (height), 1 drop = $240

2/ 128-256cm (width) x up to 300cm (height), 2 drops = $480

3/ 256-384cm (width) x up to 300cm (height), 3 drops = $720

4/ 384-513cm (width) x up to 300cm (height), 4 drops = $960

For example, if your wall measures 200cm width x 200cm height, please purchase option 2, as you will require x2 drops of wallpaper OR if your wall measures 350cm width x 250cm height please purchase option 3, you will require 3 drops of wallpaper. For walls larger than 512cm in width or walls higher than 300cm, please contact us for a quote.

So, what do you need to do now:

1/ measure your wall accurately (width x height in cm).

2/ purchase your wallpaper using our sizing options below.

3/ please indicate your exact wall measurements in cm – width x height in the instructions/notes at check out.

Our wallpaper is made to order; therefore, we do not provide returns or exchanges.

We offer free postage in Australia on full sized wallpapers. We will post internationally, though we charge freight. If your country is not included on the shipping list below, feel free to email us and we will arrange a shipping quote for you.

As this is a made to order product, please allow 4 weeks to receive your item. Please contact us if you require your wallpaper in a shorter time frame, we may be able to accommodate your request.

PLEASE provide your telephone number in the notes section on check out for shipping notifications.

Important notes:
***This product is not recommended for application over paints containing Teflon or "wash and wear” paints, always check with the paint manufacturer before purchasing this product.
***Do not apply this product to freshly painted walls. Allow approximately 4 weeks for the paint to completely cure.
***This product is not recommended for application on textured walls.
***The better the walls have been prepared and painted, the less likely any damage will occur when you remove your wallpaper.

Customer reviews:
“…your product is such a beautifully made product. We have experience with wallpapers and it certainly is one well-made wallpaper”.

The installation process was “super easy”.